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    The Worlds 7th best city

    The Liverpool property market is distinguished by its combination of substantial investment levels, a burgeoning population, and impressively high rental yields. Major economic sectors such as health, education, manufacturing along with the digital and creative industries contribute to creating an attractive environment for property investments in this city. With its low housing costs coupled with significant rental incomes – all set against a backdrop of diverse cultural offerings – Liverpool stands out as one of the UK’s top cities for making property investments. In terms of residential price growth within the preceding five years before 2022, Liverpool has taken the lead across the UK markets with an impressive increase of 41%, establishing it as a premier location among buy-to-let investors.

    High Tenant Demand in Liverpool

    Within the Liverpool City Region, Liverpool itself is rapidly developing as a center of culture and education, leading to robust rental demand due in part to its substantial student body and dynamic atmosphere. The attraction for renting within the city centre is propelled by various factors:

    • A sizeable academic population with over 70,000 students
    • Young professionals drawn by career opportunities
    • Enticing attractions including Tate Liverpool and the UNESCO World Heritage waterfront

    Liverpool’s Transformation and Regeneration

    The revitalization of Liverpool through urban regeneration has significantly elevated the local property market by attracting a flurry of buy-to-let investments, which in turn have generated employment and bolstered the city’s economic fortitude. Through carefully planned redevelopment efforts in both historic districts and along the waterfront within Liverpool’s city center, not only has the area maintained its unique cultural essence, but it also benefits from enhanced infrastructure and modern facilities, contributing to an extensive metamorphosis.

    Buy-to-Let Property Investment

    Liverpool’s buy-to-let market offers some of the highest rental yields in the UK, averaging around 7.92%, with areas that reach up to a lucrative 10% yield. The strong demand for modern living spaces, bolstered by the popularity of the city among students and young professionals, drives up property development and rental rates in Liverpool.

    Key areas in Liverpool that offer high rental yields include:

    • City Centre
    • Baltic Triangle
    • Anfield
    • Walton

    Rental yields in these areas range from around 7% to as high as 9%, indicating targeted opportunities for buy-to-let investors. Investors can capitalize on strong rental demand and high yields in these key postcodes for buy-to-let properties in Liverpool, ensuring good returns on their investments.

    Liverpool Waters Development

    The property market in Liverpool is set to be transformed by the ambitious £5.5 billion Liverpool Waters project, which aims to redevelop the city’s northern docks into a premier waterfront destination for both local and international investors. This vast development will feature an array of facilities, including office spaces, retail outlets, leisure activities, as well as residential properties. It’s Augmented by significant projects such as Everton FC’s new stadium with an investment of £500 million and a newly constructed Isle of Man Ferry Terminal costing £70 million.

    Spanning over three decades until its completion, the vision behind Liverpool Waters represents a noteworthy long-term investment prospect that promises to inject vitality into Liverpool’s expanding real estate sector through successive growth stages. To economic benefits, this endeavor offers enhanced civic pride and optimism—a magnetic pull for investors drawn towards locales offering both dynamic culture and robust growth potential.

    Adil Sheikh
    Adil Sheikh
    9 April 2024
    The team at GETS property are wonderful, I can’t recommend them enough. I’ve only worked with Scott and Taryn, but they really know how to look after their clients. They were more than happy to advise and educate me whilst I was new to the world of property investment and helped me secure a deal on a property that I am really excited about. I look forward to working with the team again soon!
    Ellie Smith
    Ellie Smith
    6 October 2023
    What an amazing company ! I have today exchanged on my first off-plan apartment in my favourite northern city, and it’s so exciting !! Gerallt and Taryn in particular have each been amazingly helpful and very supportive ALL the way through what is a first time process for me , explaining to me each step in detail from choosing and negotiating through to exchange and beyond. I am truly impressed with these people . I’ll be off soon for a drink to celebrate but just to say everyone needs a G&T in their property journey for sure !….. 🍸
    AJ Edwards
    AJ Edwards
    4 September 2023
    We would highly recommend Scott. This would be our first Property Investment, he went over & beyond what was asked. Very knowledgable and provided us with a vast amount of options to choose from. Their office space is cool too.
    24 August 2023
    Thank you Geralt for all your advice and understanding our investment requirements. Geralt’s rapport with the developers also made us feel comfortable about the investment . Definitely recommend their firm and look forward to our first investment journey with them.
    Rebecca M
    Rebecca M
    20 June 2023
    Extremely knowledgeable and well connected with the clients and communities best interests at heart. I would recommend
    Jack Benson
    Jack Benson
    16 June 2023
    Very knowledgable and helpful people. Thank you so much!